Sunday, January 21, 2018

High Hopes for the Philippine Internet Connectivity as the Government Launches Common Tower Policy

The Department of Information and communication Technology, DICT, latter announced that it has the solution for Philippines` turtle speed internet connections at hand. It is through a program called Common Tower Policy. The government aims to put up Fifty Thousand (50,000) additional telecommunication towers all over the country.

By the name, we can say that the program is so promising. It will lessen up the tediousness of putting up telecommunication towers and facilities because Telco Companies would only have to share one tower to spread their bandwidth in an area. It means that there would be one paper and legal works for acquiring properties and right of ways on places where towers and facilities are to be built. As to construction, it would be a lot cheaper because companies would share expenses.

For the Filipinos, it means faster internet connectivity. A thing the Pinoys has been craving for since 4G network has been known. Companies are claiming that it has made LTE network available but the internet connectivity is still at 3G speed.

If the program became successful, it would greatly affect Philippine economy since the younger population of entrepreneur relies on the internet to sell their products and services. Government services would be greatly affected too since some of its services can now be accessed online. Faster internet connectivity would also encourage foreign business entities to invest in the country.

The government also asserts that it would not spend a single  Peso on the Common Tower Policy Program. It is still the Telecommunication companies who would have to pay for the acquisition of properties and construction of towers. The Government will only serve as a helping hand on the resolution of legal matters.

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